Drone Photography

Drone Photography services $50

Drone photography is revolutionizing how we capture images. Drone photography is becoming a standard these days in real estate listings. Sellers want their agent s to use drone photography to really showcase their property and buyers are expecting it these days to see what they may potentially be buying. Please contact me about doing drone shots for your next listing!

Weather Limitations

My drone photography is always weather dependent. If you schedule drone shots with your listing shots  I will keep an eye on the weather...we may need to reschedule if it is too windy or of course if it is raining.


I charge $50 for a set of drone photos of your listing. Usually 5-6 photos are enough to show the property off properly. 




I carry a 1 million dollar insurance policy on every drone session. This protects you and me. I have yet have an accident that caused and damage or injury, but it doesn't hurt to be careful and covered show an accident occur. 

Acerage Limitations

At this time I am limiting my drone property shoots to properties around 5 acres or less. 


As you can imagine weather plays a factor in my abilities to be able to fly on any given day. If winds are above 10 or 11 miles per hour. It gets a little dangerous to fly. As always give me a call to discuss details.