Frequently Ask Questions


What if the weather is bad?

You, the agent  will need to let me know if the weather is looking unacceptable for the shoot. I am very flexible about rescheduling. Just know I don't make that decision for you...keep an eye on the weather... and let me know if you want to reschedule. 

Who is responsible for the tidiness of the home?

You and /or your seller. This is by far the biggest problem I come across while doing photo shoots. Please know that I shoot the house as it is presented to me when I arrive. I don't have time to go room to room advising sellers how to prepare their home for the shoot. This needs to be done before I arrive. Many sellers think I am there to help them and advise them prepare there home, please let them know they need to be photo ready before I arrive. My general rule of thumb: If you don't want it in the photo put it out of site. I have web page dedicated to helping you work with your seller on preparing their house for the best photo shoot.

When will I get my invoice?

I email out invoices at the end of each month. You can send me a check, pay me via PayPal or Venmo. My mailing address will be on the info as well as PayPal and Venmo info. You do not need to pay me on the spot unless you are a new customer.

How do I schedule a shoot?

It is very easy to schedule a shoot. If you are a first time customer it is best to call me to have a general conversation about how things work. But if you are an ongoing customer, you can just text me and let me know what date you need and the address. We can work back and forth through texting to set the appointment. Usually within a couple of text to coordinate with my schedule we will be all set. 

What other services do you offer?