Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography - $75

Twilight phots are shot at dusk. I need to arrive before dusk to set up camera equipment. I take shots of the house every few minutes until the correct balance of light and shadow are achieved. I will be at the location at least 30 minutes.

Labor intensive process

I often get ask why it costs the same as a full photo shoot. I will spend as much time getting that correct exposure twilight photos of your listing as I will shooting your whole listing. It is a labor intensive process to shoot, I have to make a second trip back to your listing, I have to arrive early to ensure I am there at just the right time to get the best dusk shot, then I have about 30 minutes or so on the computer in Photoshop working to getting the perfect twilight look.

Virtual Twilight - More economical

A more economical way to go would be my virtual twilight photos. I take special exposures of your listing while I am at location during the day doing regular MLS photos. I then work with those shots in Photoshop to achieve a "Virtual" twilight look. See examples here.