Slideshow Video Tour

A video slideshow is a great way to show off your listing to buyers. I can make an unbranded version for the MLS or I can make a branded version with all your contact info that can be share on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform.       

$20 per video

Agent Property Video Tour (at listing site)

As an agent you may want to be on video talking about the features of your listing yourself. We can meet at your listing and do video of you talking in a few different parts of the house.  Agents can't appear in videos put into the MLS  but I can make a branded version with all your contact info that can be share on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform. 

$45 per video 

Agent Promotional Video

Do you want to promote your Real Estate business? Talk to me about doing an agent promotional video. I suggest keeping it to 1 or 2 minutes. You can talk about any subject matter: why people should choose you as an agent,  a holiday greeting, an upcoming open house, or any message you want to get out there. An office setting is usually done for these videos, but I can do onsite of a listing as well.

$45 per video

Agent-New Listing Video (office setting)

Do you have a new listing? A great way to show off your listing is by doing a New Listing Video. This combines you as an agent talking about the all great features of your listing. I will combine still shots of the features you are talking about to show off your listing at it's best.  These videos are shot in an office not on listing site.




Video Suggestions

My biggest suggestion is that you practice what you are going to say! Most people think they know what they want to say but when that video camera starts the really clam up. So my biggest suggestion is that you really practice in front of a mirror, or your dog, or a friend in order to get used to speaking on camera. Then take your phone and actually make a few videos and watch them back to critique yourself. 

I can tell you, don't give up if you don't like the way you look and sound at first. Everyone that I work with on video definitely gets better with time and practice

Try this?

Take a look at this website for some pointers on how to approach your video sessions.

Practice with me

If you want to practice please fell free to send me a video of yourself and I will give you some pointers. Just use your phone or any video camera and practice by showing me your house or garden, act like it is a new listing and we can discuss ways to make your presentation better.

don't recreate the wheel

Google what other agents are reason to recreate the wheel...a good place to start is see what others are doing and try to do what they are doing. You will quickly develop your own style.

use video to Connect with your clients and the public

Once you are comfortable and good on video we can work together to get a better quality video using my camera and equipment and software to create a professional looking video message. I can also work with you on distributing that video to the public your customers. The possibilities are endless!